Hi there! I am Sofia and I’m the girl behind Utterly Fashionista. It’s great to e-meet you. You hit the «About me» page so I’m guessing you want to know more about me. Allow me to introduce myself. Here it goes. So you already know my name is Sofia. I am 24 years old. I married my highschool sweatheart at 20 and never looked back and now we live in Athens, Greece with our beautiful dog. As for my educational background I graduated in December 2017 with a degree in Philosophy but I attend a seminar about different topics every now and then.

Utterly Fashionista is a lifestyle/ fashion blog designed to inspire all the girls around the world. Here you’ll find topics about fashion primarely but about other things as well. I started this blog as a way to feed my creativity but also from the need to create a space where I share my interests with other people. I was always drawn to fashion and I love writing so I decided to combine these two interests with this blog after many years of just thinking it but never doing it. I decided that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone before 2018 ended. And here I am. I believe it’s very difficult to write about yourself. So I’m hoping you’ll get to know me better though my posts and hopefully I’ll get to know you too.



Name: Sofia Kanaki
Ethnicity: Greek
Color: Dusty Pink
Food: Pasta
Book: Too many but I have a thing for classic literature.
Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and basically anything with Audrey Hepburn in it.
Music: Depends on the mood but I love jazz.
Flower: Orchids/Peonies
Animal: Dogs forever
Season: Fall/Winter
Pet peeve: People without manners.
I really want to: Travel the world.
I cannot live without: The people I love.