6 Apps for the Ultimate Fashionista

It seems like there is an app for literally everything nowadays. And of course fashion couldn’t be out of that list. There are some pretty amazing fashion applications that will make your life so much easier. So I gathered the best of them today for you.

  1. Stylebook


So you wake up in the morning and you have nothing to wear even though your closet is full of clothes? It is the most female common problem when it comes to fashion. Stylebook will solve the «I have nothing to wear» situation once and for all. It will digitize your wardrobe so you’ll always know what clothes you own. Admit it, you forget too. This app comes with many features but the most interesting one is that you’ll be able to create outfits with your own clothes in your digital calendar closet and stay inspired with your inspiration library where you can add photos from looks you love. Stylebook is only available for ios right now but a good alternative for android users is the Smart Closet app.

  1. PS Dept

PS Dept

This app has seen great success as it was named by Forbes magazine as one of the top three shopping apps for women. It provides great customer service and it’s the perfect alternative to a personal shopper. PS Dept partners with many stylists and stores such as Net-a-porter, Chloe and it’s been feutured in many prestigious publications like Vogue, Elle magazine and many more. For the most part this app is free but it also offers a VIP membership where you will gain access to designer meet and greet, exclusive sales and many more depending on the memebership you chose.


  1. ShopStyle 

ShopStyle is a shopping platform that allows you to shop by trend, look or occasion, saving all the items you love and plan your future purchases and get notified everytime something of your saved  items is on sale or back in or out of stock. You can also get access to latest trends and arrivals and mass search everything you want from designer items to home decor in one place.



  1. The Hunt

You scroll down Instagram and you find the nicest outfit but the tags are nowhere to be found. Fear no more. The Hunt is your cure for style envy in its own words. This app will help you track down the items you covet. All you need to do is post a photo of the clothing piece you are looking, it can a whole outfit too and The Hunt will send you suggestions. The members of this app can help each other out as well by posting the direct link to the item you’re looking for.


  1.  Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping

Keep shopping is like a shortcut to shopping. It allows you to purchase things from many brands directly in one checkout. In other words it has a «universal» cart in which you can add items from many different stores. It also allows you to browse products, save them for future purchases and follow other Keep users to get ideas directly to your feed. It’s like a social media but with fashion.



  1.  Polyvore


Polyvore is such a fun app to use. Again, it resembles a social media platform like Keep Shopping. First, you have to take a fashion quiz to help the app get an idea of your style so it can curate outfits for you. You can create outfits by mixing and matching products and share it with other Polyvore users with shopable links. It offers plenty of inspiration when you the «I have nothing to wear» mode.





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