10 Fashion Youtube Channels I love

Youtube is one of my favorite platforms. I use it for many reasons, to learn new things, to be inspired, to kill time or to watch some dog videos. If you search carefully you’ll find so many talented people in there. There is a channel about any catecory you can think of, from fashion and beauty to work out and cooking videos. Today I will present you my 10 favorite fashion youtube channels. Some of the channels I’ll show you are big and they have turn into careers but I wanted to include smaller youtubers as well, as I believe that they are doing an amazing job.

  1. Ashley Brooke

Ashley is the definition of girl boss. I can’t remember when exactly I discovered her but I’m so happy I have. She is so talented but also down to earth and she runs her own monthy digital magazine along with Youtube. Her channel is mainly about fashion but you’ll find other topics as well.

  1. Mademoiselle

Mademoiselle is another favorite youtuber of mine. Her minimalistic style is so chic yet so easy to follow and she talks about ethical brands which is so important and kind. She also owns a blog.

  1.  Emma Hill

Emma’s channel focuses on many different things. Hauls, minimalism, styling videos, vlogs. My favorite playlist is «Chic for Less». It’s a series of videos that shows you how to be stylish without breaking the bank. Only downsize it’s only 3 videos.

  1.  Evelina

I found Evelina 5 or 6 years ago and I keep watching her since then. She seems really sweet and easygoing and her channel has a variety of topics besides fashion. She is also a European like me. Different countries though.

  1.  Dearly Bethany

I absolutely love Bethany’s aesthetics in her videos. Simple yet elegant. It’s an inspiration for me. She promotes minimalism and gives many styling tips. A week ago she announced her blog launch. I couldn’t be happier about it.

  1.  Audrey Coyne

Audrey gives me earthy vibes everytime I watch her videos. I can’t explain it. I love that! She is very talented and has a sweet personality. She also knows everything you need about capsule wardrobes.

  1.  The Girls with Glasses

Two sweet and outgoing girls with many talents deciding to start a chanel together, of course it would be a success. Brooke and Summer talk about everything in their chanel. But I particularly love their videos about thrift and vintage shopping, as it’s something I am very passionate about.

  1. Use less

Minimalism again. I didn’t know I watch so many minimalistic youtubers until now. Signe is a girl from Denmark who supports the use of a systematic and minimal wardrobe. In her words, we don’t need many clothes, we need the right clothes.

  1. The Curvy Fashionista

Marie is such a sweet person and has a great interaction with her subscribers. Her styling tips are always on point and can be adapted to everyone no matter their size.

  1. Kristen Leo

Last but definitely not least is Kristen. I decided to mention her in the end of this blog post, as she is the latest addition in my favorite youtubers list. Kristen is an extremely kind human being, she is an advocate for sustainable living and therefore she is a fan of thrift shopping. Also, she is Greek like me and I couldn’t be happier I found her.


Do you have any favorite youtubers?

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